Securing digital identities and facilitating online access for people, devices and things.



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Single sign-on for seamless access

Your corporate users have a password for almost everything: company intranet, benefits system, CRM, cloud storage, business applications, and so on. Corporate users need one simple login and a profile that gives them access to the tools and applications they need – from within and outside your company. 


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A personalized and simple online experience for customers and members

How do you simplify the user experience with a multitude of digital access points?
And what’s the best way to offer a personalized online experience to everyone?
Thanks to a single customer profile, integrating information from all departments in your organization, you know your customer’s history and preferences. Whichever device or app they are using to access your online services or shop, your organization will be able to offer them a seamless personalized online experience.


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Internet of Things: protect your connected Things from hackers!

The unique digital identity of devices is key to securing the Internet of Things. Every ‘Thing’ must have an identity relationship with the device’s owner, with the person who owns the data that the device is collecting, and with the back office processing the data.


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Mobile users: provide contextual identity verification!

Mobile users require security at login and throughout an online session. This means using their company devices or their own devices – over unsecure and secure networks. You’ll need to respond to threats within the context. In other words, to do additional identity verification when something unusual or specific occurs, such as a resource request from an unfamiliar location or device. 


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EU General Data Protection Regulation: respect everyone’s data-sharing specifications

The GDPR obliges organizations to respect the privacy of their data. All individuals are entitled to determine who has access to their personal data and they must give their consent for using this data. Paradigmo’s solutions help you manage this process throughout the data’s lifecycle.


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Externalized access control – coarse-grained & fine-grained

Access control is centrally managed, rather than in every application. Access to each application is managed differently, so the multiplication of applications can seriously complicate access management. The good news is that you can delegate authentication, authorization and audit to ForgeRock OpenAM.


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Social identity

For non-sensitive applications, you can invite your users to identify and authenticate using their preferred social media.



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