IAM in the digital age - new practices needed

Over the last two decades, Identity and Access Management has mainly concentrated on enterprise requirements, such as directory services, RBAC, access management and SSO. This has led to infrastructures that are hard to operate and extend.

paradigmo rockit overviewForgeRock identity Platform In the new digital age, the focus has shifted to external users, omni-channel applications, IoT integration and data protection (GDPR). Cloud-readiness and security become top of mind.

The ForgeRock® Identity Platform provides a seamless solution to address these challenges.
This new focus forces the IAM team to deliver fast and adapt quickly to new requirements. Cloud deployment, changing organisations and new business models require an AGILE delivery method.



RockKit is built on a DevOps based approach. We re-invented how ForgeRock software is configured, customized and deployed. With RockKit, we offer a guided and completely automated deployment of the ForgeRock Identity Platform.

Here is how it works:

  1. paradigmo rockkit scheme

    Initialize project based on Sample Project
  2. Develop and store Configuration Items in GIT
  3. Automated Deployment in Q&A and PRD





RockKit provides an automation and orchestration engine that impressively
improves the delivery speed and quality in ForgeRock implementation projects.


Click here to see a demo.



When using RockKit,

  • the standard duration of IAM projects is now between 3 and 6 months (coming from years);
  • the standard resource usage in man-days is less than 100 man-days;
  • and we estimate that a project’s resource usage is reduced by a factor of 4 to 6;
  • the IAM delivery process becomes a structured and well managed delivery practice, allowing you to introduce less experienced resources in a project;
  • the developer works with the concepts of software development (‘infrastructure as code’), allowing software lifecycle management practices and improving team collaboration;
  • deployment is completely automated. It reduces the operations to a single deployment command (‘One Click Deployment’). Therefore, the process is less prone to errors.

Once deployed, there is no dependency whatsoever on RockKit.

RockKit offers increased speed, faster execution of your digital programs, and shorter Time-to-Market to introduce new technologies.


More info needed: Read our whitepaper.



RockKit is available today through ForgeRock partners.
Contact us to find your nearest RockKit partner.


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