Big Data, machine learning and the EU Revised Payment Services Directive (PSD2) are both opportunities and threats for companies in terms of cyber-security. Given these challenges, Devoteam|Paradigmo offers businesses solutions to arm them against cyber-attacks and to help them to get to know their clients and develop their business.

At Devoteam|Paradigmo, cyber-security is more relevant than ever. In 2018, Devoteam, already a specialist in digital transformation, acquired the technological expertise of Paradigmo with the goal of strengthening its range of digital services in cyber-security. Through the Identity Platform by ForgeRock, for instance, Paradigmo offers companies a solution for CIAM (Customer Identity and Access Management), protecting them against cyber-attacks while providing them with a unified vision of their clients so that they can better target them. The CIAM solution includes three technology components: registration, self-service and access control, plus storage and data processing; it also includes the integration of a Salesforce tool aimed at increasing client loyalty.

GDPR, Big Data, AI and PSD2: challenges and opportunities

In 2018, the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) stimulated companies to think carefully about their digital strategy and to set up additional security measures in order to conform with the GDPR. So the challenge for companies was to strengthen and unify their protection of personal data. When the GDPR came into force, companies were obliged to familiarise themselves with the importance of security, enabling them to justify any additional investments in this field. If well used, these investments can have a positive impact by boosting the trust of internal or external users (clients or partners) in a company’s capacity to protect the data with which it is entrusted.

In 2019, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and machine learning – as well as the PDS2 sectoral directive – will comprise the next cyber-security challenges for businesses. These platforms will be both opportunities and threats. Together, Big Data and AI open up new horizons. By harnessing the capacity to analyse vast quantities of data, and to establish relations or links between them, both services and business strategies can be optimised. Moreover, analysis of current and historical data will allow data scientists to model them through machine learning so as to anticipate and prevent cyber-attacks. On the other hand, cyber-criminals can also call on these advanced technologies to access and misuse such data.

Yet the work continues even when a company has implemented new security processes. The company must carry out risk analysis, assess its exposure to threats, prepare for attacks, and develop action and remediation plans.

There is no such thing as zero risk. However, thanks to the combined expertise of Devoteam and Paradigmo, we can better serve our clients, provide them with more advanced technologies, and prepare them better for cyber-attacks as part of a realistic ‘business continuity plan’. For 2019 and beyond, we are confident about taking on these new issues and challenges, and we look forward to doing so,” said Renaud Templier, Director Risk & Security at Devoteam|Paradigmo.


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