Paradigmo was created in 2004. As experts in the field of Identity & Access Management and Identity & Access Governance, we’ve selected the best tools on the market for you. Our solutions include two best-of-breed platforms, as we believe that IA Governance is fundamentally different from IA Management. After all, how could a single platform possibly fulfil the provisioning and access control requirements of the IT department as well as the control and governance objectives of internal audit?

Identity & Access Management is part of our DNA, with Paradigmo’s founder, Olivier Naveau, active in the field even before 2004. Indeed he was there from the start, when Directory Services came onto the market and were run over ISOCOR and Netscape. Around this time also, provisioning was first implemented with solutions such as Calendra, followed then by the product stack of Sun Microsystems.

Both platforms currently in our solutions portfolio give immediate results, in keeping with part of our company charter. We can implement an IAM or IAG project for you, preferably by using our Rock Kit methodology and tooling, which make the implementation faster and cheaper. We can also offer you managed services. And we can offer you sourcing services – including a Paradigmo colleague who will join your dedicated team. The sourcing service includes other platforms, such as SailPoint.

Looking ahead, we continue to scan the horizon for new and promising IAM or IAG platforms, covering the business use cases of the future in the fields of Authentication, Access Control and IDaaS.



The goals of IAM and IAG are security effectiveness, operational efficiency and business enablement. At Paradigmo, we believe that we best assist our customers by being highly specialised in our solutions portfolio. Our mission is to supply you with the highest level of expertise and best-certified consultants.


Your benefits

Our promise to you:

  • We’ll propose you certified experts;
  • Our flexible solutions will match your requirements perfectly;
  • The result of our work will be positive and add value.



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