My organization is not ready for DevOps

The only technical requirement of RockKit is Unix. RockKit is an automation and orchestration engine that only uses scripting languages and packages largely available on Linux. It has a very small footprint. Our experience shows that RockKit is easily adopted by Operations, when they compare a deployment with and without RockKit.
When we refer to DevOps, we mean an emerging practice that reconsiders how Development and Operations interact. This is precisely what RockKit does.


Does my runtime environment depend on RockKit?

No. RockKit is used by developers for the development and by operators for the deployment. Once it is deployed, there is no dependency whatsoever on RockKit. At any time, an organization may choose to turn to another automation and orchestration engine.




How do I transfer Configuration Items (CIs) from my development environment to the source code repository?

Once an OpenAM instance is installed in a development environment, OpenAM is configured using either ssoadm or the admin console.



Services, subscription

What are the services proposed by Paradigmo?

Paradigmo has been a partner of ForgeRock since ForgeRock started. We deliver implementation and support services to our customers.
Today, we work mainly on projects that involve RockKit. In that context, we deliver:

  • The RockKit automation and orchestration engine
  • The RockKit automation sample project and its project structure
  • The RockKit document templates: architecture, development, deployment
  • A first implementation support
  • Coaching and knowledge transfer services


What does the subscription include?

A client with an active subscription has access to:

  • the latest release and patch of the RockKit
  • our support services


Which ForgeRock versions are currently supported?

The following table presents the RockKit / ForgeRock release mapping.

RockKit releaseForgeRock release

RockKit 4.5

ForgeRock OpenAM 13.5

ForgeRock OpenIDM 4.5

ForgeRock OpenDJ 3.5


Starting with ForgeRock System 5, RockKit and ForgeRock releases will be aligned.

Our intention is to deliver the RockKit on the first patch release of a ForgeRock major release. Just give us some time after ForgeRock issues the first patch release!



Distribution channel

How can I obtain RockKit?

We work with ForgeRock partners, who can benefit from the toolkit and methodology to deliver a ForgeRock project.

Today we have partners in the UK and the Netherlands, and we are looking for new partners.

We deliver Partner training and the first implementation is a joint effort where knowledge transfer takes place. After that, we provide coaching during project execution.

End-customer training and coaching can also be provided.






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