ForgeRock is a leading platform for Identity and Access Management. For sure, it took a while to develop. But today we’re delighted to announce the delivery of RockKit, Paradigmo’s solid new tool, enabling you to implement ForgeRock in months rather than years.

The Booster Active Directory module from Brainwave GRC: the only analysis and diagnostics tool that cross-references your HR repository and your AD (Active Directory) to identify any security risk.

“Specialising in unique products that very few on the market can introduce to their clients in order to meet their needs, that’s the added value of Paradigmo.”

Zaeher Rachid is Senior Software Engineer at Paradigmo. He tells us why he chose Paradigmo and how we provide a unique solution to the needs of our clients.

Is your business prepared for the new privacy legislation? The regulation presents businesses with a number of challenges. Every challenge is also an opportunity, however, and in this case the regulation will enable you to build a relationship of trust with your customers. This is where we can help!


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