You have to prepare to go away! Read our six tips to ensure you’re more than ready prior to heading off on holiday and to help you return to your office with total peace of mind.

Alert your colleagues and clients

Just before going on holiday, add a short sentence to your email signature to indicate you will soon be away. If necessary, directly send an email to your colleagues/clients to check if they may need you before your departure.

Be sure of course to configure your email to show ‘out of office’, while indicating who is your back-up for any contact during your absence, if that is required. Also mention the date you will return and/or if you will be partially contactable or not at all.

On your business mobile phone, change your message and indicate your absence as well as the date of your return. That will prevent dozens of messages piling up on your voicemail, messages that must be dealt with on your return. Moreover your clients/partners won’t be waiting for an answer that is not going to come anytime soon.


Create a list of the tasks you still need to do before heading off on holiday and the tasks that can wait until you return. Deal with anything urgent immediately. That will take any pressure off, so you don’t end up fighting the clock on your last day at work.


If you’ve got any urgent tasks that you won’t be able to complete, ask for help from your colleagues by informing them in advance about the project they will need to monitor or the tasks to be accomplished. Send colleagues an email and schedule a brief meeting with them. That way you can answer any questions they may have and bring them on board with your projects. Don’t forget to thank them too!

Tidy up

On your last day at work, tidy up, put things in their proper place and clean your desk. Once that’s done, you will feel good and ready to go away, and have peace of mind. Above all, you’ll be able to return to a tidy desk and get straight into your job when back in the office.

Forget everything!

When the time comes… make the most of your break! Forget about the office and relax. You’ll then return to work feeling better rested. If however you should happen to think about work, remember that you are currently far away. Or just think about what you like doing at work and everything that you accomplish for your company. Stay positive and wave goodbye to stress!

And when you’re back…

Start by reading your most recent emails, not the older ones. You’ll be pleasantly surprised to discover that many things have fixed themselves during your absence. Get together with your colleagues over a coffee, even if you’re eager to find out what awaits you at work, so you can get a rough idea what’s happening and what you may have missed while on holiday.


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