With a passion for IT and especially for security and networks, Charles Jacquet has today decided to make it his job, surrounded by the expertise of the whole team at Paradigmo.

A career path mapped out

Charles did not hesitate for long, when it came to choosing his studies. Passionate about everything to do with technology since childhood, he graduated with a degree in 2017 from UCL as an engineer in computer science, with a security and networks track. “I wanted to understand computers, as well the actual electronics of hardware and the software side such as programming, networks and security,” said Charles.

For his thesis, Charles worked in two large companies on developing an Information Sharing Platform on Malware. In other words, it was about efficiently and legally sharing Compromise Indicators.

Charles admits he sort of stumbled across Paradigmo, but says in good faith that he couldn’t have landed in a better place to start his career. “Thanks to the team, which is really friendly, passionate and has expertise in the field, I’ve been able to learn very fast,” he adds. “Because we are a human-scale company, there is a great atmosphere of trust and everyone is very comfortable with their colleagues, including the boss,” he says with a smile.

Learning… for the client, his employer and himself

Paradigmo creates tailored solutions by calling on a product that is highly customisable. So the company’s consultants often have to deal with complex requests from its clients.

This is something I really love in my job at Paradigmo, because it brings many challenges and the opportunity to learn in numerous different fields related to security and networks,” he notes. Charles already has extensive expertise in security and intrusion tests, however he adores learning, through coaching from his Senior Engineer colleagues, and he likes making his own positive contribution to clients’ projects. Charles has already been able to work for different companies. These include a major company in the office supplies sector, a public service, an insurance company and a bank. “Depending on the client, our days can vary greatly. What doesn’t change is that we work as a team on projects,” he adds.

Hacking… yes, but it’s ethical

When asked about the qualities required to work at Paradigmo, Charles quickly mentions motivation, a willingness to learn new things and the desire to find solutions to the different requests made by clients. Charles is currently training to become a Certified Ethical Hacker. The goal of this training is to help him learn an ethical hacking methodology, which could be used when doing an intrusion test or in an ethical hacking context.


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