Paradigmo, strategic partner of ForgeRock since 2010, is presently in the process of becoming an official supplier of professional services for Packaged Services on the ForgeRock Identity platform.

A long history, a solid partnership

ForgeRock has always placed importance on the creation of solid partnerships. In 2016 the company launched ForgeRock Trust Network. This is its global partnership program which results in the collaboration between service and sales teams on the one side, with system integrators and technology partners on the other. The goal is to ensure high quality results for clients as well as to achieve profitable growth. Paradigmo has been a strategic partner of Forgerock since the latter’s creation in 2010, and prior to that was the partner of Sun Microsystems (ForgeRock’s predecessor) since 2004.

A further benefit of these partnerships are the consulting services which ForgeRock provides for clients. These are in the form of workshops called ‘Packaged Services’. They are hosted by engineers who are experts in ForgeRock technology, and who are sent to the client during the key stages of a project. These workshops are designed to go hand in hand with the services offered by our partners. This enables our clients to benefit from our partners’ expertise in ForgeRock products, which is then applied to each project.

Today, the partnership between Paradigmo and ForgeRock goes even further. This is because Paradigmo is in the process of gaining accreditation to become one of the officially recognized suppliers of Packaged Services for the ForgeRock Identity Platform.

What exactly is a Packaged Service ?

ForgeRock offers a number of workshops which are each based on different themes: Architecture, Configuration, Field Assistant, Supportability Review, On-site Operational Assistance and On-site Troubleshooting.

Each workshop includes the following:

  • A preparatory phase which includes a meeting with the client;
  • One or more working days onsite;
  • A final report and presentation for the client;
  • Requisite follow-up actions.

The workshop lasts between 3-5 days, depending on the package which has been selected by the client. During this time an expert is available onsite, to provide assistance and advice.

An international experience

ForgeRock actively collaborates with a number of specialists worldwide and has requested that Paradigmo provide Packaged Services in Belgium (specifically for the French-speaking market), as well as in France. Paradigmo may very soon further extend its services to clients in Germany, as well as to several other countries in Europe - thereby offering an international experience.


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