The Booster Active Directory module from Brainwave GRC: the only analysis and diagnostics tool that cross-references your HR repository and your AD (Active Directory) to identify any security risk.

The Booster Active Directory is the only analytics and diagnostics tool on the market that is based on the HR repository which is by design a useful database – as it traces out the history of the company and follows the lifecycle of resources. These include the entry and exit movements of employees, their jobs, department, etc. Booster Active Directory is part of Brainwave GRC leading solution in Identity Analytics.

Accurate mapping of the AD

The Booster Active Directory cross-references the information in the HR repository with the data available in the Active Directory. It therefore identifies any anomalies in terms of data quality and security risks within your AD environments. Thanks to an add-on component available in a Marketplace, the application context can also be added. By comparing this information from other repository, the Booster Active Directory is able to map the data with great precision. It can also provide a general overview or a specific overview that is clear, precise and relevant for everything happening in the Active Directory in terms of access, logins, data, jobs, department, and hierarchy, etc. The Booster Active Directory can provide more than 200 analysis reports, in the form of dashboards, and these are available by person, user group or department.

A guarantee of good governance

The Booster Active Directory enables an assessment of the situation. So you can automatically see the access given to the employees and to see on what they are working. However, it goes beyond all that. It is also capable of identifying anomalies, and contested exceptional or cases. Examples are when an employee accumulates too many access rights or when access have been purely and simply duplicated for a new entrant without prior checks. You therefore reduce any risk of internal fraud and you enhance your compliance. The Booster Active Directory is an integral part of good governance.

Being non-intrusive, the Booster Active Directory also has the advantage of not requiring any long and complicated  project, as it operates independently to extract data. It is also available in cloud mode, enabling SMEs as well to use it within minutes. This module is a key tool for strengthening security and to support reflection about implementing your company's security strategy.

Useful information

The Booster Active Directory module is optionally available on the Brainwave platform or as a stand-alone product. It was launched in September 2017.


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