ForgeRock is a leading platform for Identity and Access Management. For sure, it took a while to develop. But today we’re delighted to announce the delivery of RockKit, Paradigmo’s solid new tool, enabling you to implement ForgeRock in months rather than years.

In the new digital age, Identity and Access Management is key. Cloud-readiness and security are top of mind. To manage cyber risk properly, you really do need to check the identity and access rights of all external ‘users’ – be it in omni-channel applications, IoT integration or for data protection (GDPR) purposes in general.

The ForgeRock Identity Platform provides a seamless solution to address these challenges. Because of this new focus, an IAM team must deliver fast and adapt quickly to new requirements. However Cloud deployment, changing organisations and new business models require an agile delivery method. That’s where RockKit comes in.

RockKit drastically reduces ForgeRock implementation time

Paradigmo has been a partner of ForgeRock since ForgeRock’s creation in 2010, and a partner of its predecessor Sun Microsystems since 2004. So we know the ForgeRock platform like the back of our hand. Over time, we developed RockKit – a tool to speed up implementation of the ForgeRock platform.

With RockKit, the standard duration of IAM projects is just three to six months, rather than years, and the standard resource usage in man-days is less than 100. We estimate that a project’s resource usage is reduced by a factor of four to six. A rock-solid performance!

How did we achieve that?

RockKit was built using a DevOps approach. We re-invented how ForgeRock software is configured, customized and deployed. With RockKit, we offer a guided and completely automated deployment of the ForgeRock Identity Platform.

RockKit provides an automation and orchestration engine. That’s our secret recipe, to significantly improve the delivery speed and quality of ForgeRock implementation projects.

But that’s not all! With RockKit:

  • the IAM delivery process becomes a structured and well-managed delivery practice, allowing you to introduce less experienced staff in a project;
  • the developer works with the concepts of software development (‘infrastructure as code’), allowing software lifecycle management practices and improving team collaboration;
  • deployment is completely automated, reducing the operations to a single deployment command (‘One Click Deployment’). As a result, the process is less prone to errors.

Once deployed, RockKit has done its job and you can move on. It’s simply a deployment tool.

Conclusion: RockKit offers increased speed, faster execution of new programming code, and shorter time-to-market to introduce new technologies.

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Want to read more? We developed a whitepaper on the subject.

Want to see it happen live? There’s a demo too!


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