Is your business prepared for the new privacy legislation? The regulation presents businesses with a number of challenges. Every challenge is also an opportunity, however, and in this case the regulation will enable you to build a relationship of trust with your customers. This is where we can help!

Europe's new privacy legislation, the General Data Protection Regulation (GPDR), will come into effect for businesses and public authorities in May 2018. The regulation specifies which data may be used by businesses and the purposes for which they may use this data. The GDPR is based on four pillars: transparency, data portability, the right to be forgotten (right of erasure) and the obligation to report data breaches. If you fail to take due care, you may find yourself facing substantial fines.

We have the solution for you: ForgeRock. ForgeRock allows customers to manage their own data, which benefits both you and your customers, according to Johan Van Hove, Regional Sales Director for the Benelux at ForgeRock.

If customers have to re-enter their data every time, they do not feel truly valued and they are more likely to check out the competition. ForgeRock's OpenIDM module provides you with a unique picture of each user across databases (e.g. different product databases). This means you have all the information at your fingertips and can pinpoint the areas where further upselling opportunities exist. Customers can also log on to the platform themselves and check all their data. As each customer always has control over their data and can see what is being done with it, they are more likely to be prepared to share more data.

You can use OpenAM and OpenIG to control access to the services you offer to your customers. A customer only needs to log in once to gain access to several applications. You and your customer can also see what the customer did while he or she was logged in. If a customer is concerned that someone may have misused their user ID, this can be checked immediately.

Thanks to the ForgeRock solution's OpenUMA (User Managed Access) module, you can provide your customers with even more possibilities for managing their data themselves. Users can decide which data they wish to share and with whom, and even the length of time that these parties have access to their data. This means they will be more willing to provide additional information, which in turn makes it easier for you to approach them for new business. 

The following example is taken from real-life. Imagine you are a patient in hospital, and that you share your medical file with your GP. This means he or she can view your information. If your GP wants to bring in a specialist, besides allowing your GP to share your data you can also specify how long the specialist will have access to your data and which data he or she may access. Moreover, you can check which data has been viewed, when this happened and who viewed it, whenever you wish.

Use ForgeRock to start preparing for the new privacy legislation and turn an obligation into business value.

Johan Van Hove


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