Added business value

  • RockKit reduces the deployment time and resources by at least half;
  • The tool uses normal structures methods that developers can understand;
  • It gives clients better value out of their Professional Services resources.

The context 

Identity Methods is a ForgeRock strategic partner and the Paradigmo Identity Management partner for the UK market. The UK-based company specialises in Identity and Access Management, and does some 85% of her turnover in services implementing the ForgeRock platform.

The project and Paradigmo

The RockKit tool, developed by Paradigmo, allows for the rapid implementation of the ForgeRock Identity suite. It reduces the implementation time of ForgeRock by half. RockKit offers a structured method of deployment that developers can understand. It gives clients better value out of their Professional Services resources. RockKit allows Identity Methods to implement ForgeRock platforms in less time, and so to offer more value to clients. The consequence is that clients are able to expedite their ForgeRock implementation projects.

Identity Methods did a trial project with RockKit for one of their implementation projects in the UK and was impressed with the results.

The solution

Ian Collard, Managing Director of Identity Methods Ltd:

“ We believe in RockKit. The tool is in advance of anything else in the market place today. We have a great collaboration going with Paradigmo and are ready to invest in a strong partnership with them. The UK will remain our primary market, but we’re even looking at taking on projects outside of the UK now. And as a side remark: given the Brexit, a close collaboration with a European partner becomes even more interesting for us as a company…”

About Identity Methods

Identity Methods is a leading provider of Identity Management and Data Security solutions in the UK. The company was created in 2011. About 85% of their business consists of ForgeRock services. They’re one of the about 6 active ForgeRock partners in the UK, and one of the about 15 ForgeRock partners in total.


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